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I was the maintainer of two eating disorders communities on LiveJournal. One was unmoderated and kind of a free-for-all with members at all stages of recovery, even members who were pro-ana and not at all interested in recovery. That one was "eatingdisorders." The other community was "ed_recovery," which was moderated and had a lot of rules in order to create a safe, non-triggering space. I am hoping that with so many LJ users migrating here to DW, some of those community members will find their way here. Not sure if this will ever become a busy, thriving community like the LJ communities in their glory days, but the space is here if you want to take advantage of it.
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Hi I am one of those users from the old communities! Recently decided to head back online for support after almost 5 years offline from LJ, only to discover that everyone was migrating here. Hope this group pics up! I miss the old days, met some amazing people in these groups. . .